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•  Nov. Set up Roll to Roll evaporation equipment at Government-funded research institute
•  May. Developed Anti-counterfeit R2R System

• Apr. Developed Flexible OLED Light

• Jur. Developed OLED Roll to Roll evaporation System

•  Jun. Developed CIGS evaporation System
•  Apr. Developed CIGS linear cell source
•  Mar. Developed Optical Multi-Layer Coating Equipment

•  Sep. Developed OLED 5.5G linear cell source
•  Mar. Developed Sublimation Purifier system of Organic material

•  Aug. Developed evaporation cell source
•  Jul. Developed evaporation chamber
•  Jun. Established R&D center

•  Oct. Developed DSMC simulator
•  Sep. Developed automatic manufacturing system of doctor blade
•  Aug. Acquired “Quality Management certificate”
•  Aug. Acquired “Enviroment Management certificate”
•  Jun. Selected as “Promision Export Firm”

• Sep. Venture business, LED deck floodlight
• Apr. Acquired material&component specialized firm certificate

• Jun. LED Light
• Jun. Doctor blade for laser printer

• Jun. Printer toner components
• Apr. GJM was founded