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R2R Evaporation System

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Model R2R-300
Description For flexible OLED(organic light emitting diodes) lightings, a roll-to-roll evaporation system was developed. The roll-to-roll evaporation system consists of vacuum coaters with linear-like source for continuous depositions, a roll-to-roll web handling module for flexible substrates and a 6-axis alignment module for mask alignment under vacuum environment.


Substrate PI (ITO) Film
Organic Layer ETL – EML(H, D) - HTL
Inorganic Layer Ag/Mg or LiF/Al
Protective Layer Aluminum Oxide
Remarks Pattern 6-Axis Alignment
(Under High Vacuum)


Feature & Advantages Organic and inorganic system with Roll to Roll moving system under high vacuum
6-Axis alignment module of RGB fine pixel pattern.